The Matchmaker’s Perspective

A complete workbook for helping single adults find a successful long-term relationship through a professional Matchmaker’s perspective.

This workbook was developed by one of the High-End Matchmaking Industry’s top Matchmakers. Misty The Matchmaker shares what she has learned about what it takes to find an amazing partner through nearly a decade of experience, thousands of long-term relationships, and dozens upon dozens of marriages.
Gain insight that can cost thousands of dollars!

Readers will discover:

•How to stuff your “Preference Shell”
•What you bring to the “Relationship Table”
•What you Think you WANT and NEED
•What you Truly WANT and NEED
•If your expectations for a partner are unfair or unrealistic
•If you think you’re a better “catch” than you really are
•How to move forward with your newly acquired knowledge
•General dating advice

Misty The Matchmaker authored this honest, insightful and valuable workbook that allows readers to gain an advantage over the majority of other single-daters.

Some people stay single simply due to lack of perspective. Open your mind to new ideas about what you want and need out of a partner through the eyes of one of the industry’s most sought after Matchmakers!

Learn how you can Find the Love You Deserve by using The Matchmaker’s Perspective!

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