Dating Phone Etiquette

I work with clients of all ages that live all over the world, and the biggest complaint that I get these days is : she checked her phone at dinner, he was texting while we were on our date, he texted me to ask me to dinner instead of calling me, she was on her phone posting on Facebook during the entire date, she left her phone out on the table and it kept buzzing, he left his phone out on the table and numerous women called him while we were on the date…YOU GET THE POINT.

News Flash!

There is nothing more undesirable than being on a date and feeling alone or ignored. Do not check your phone. Do not text. Do not email. Do not sit your phone out on the table. Being preoccupied with your phone sends the message that the other person is not as important as what is happening elsewhere. It is very rude.

Now, I know it is 2017 and texting is the only way that most people wish to communicate, but I’m here to tell you that if you truly care for someone, or really want to give a new relationship a shot, stop texting and pick up the phone. In a text message, you can’t hear the excitement in her voice when you ask her to dinner, or the nervousness in his. In a phone call, you get real time, live, unfiltered communication, not the second or third draft of a well thought out written response. And while yes, there will be a chance for awkward silences and/or even turndowns, it shows you took the time and effort to give them a few minutes of your time and that you value theirs. In the end, you cannot screenshot a phone call for the whole world to analyze. It is a conversation between only the two of you, so pick up the phone.

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