Sex First, Please!

Reader’s Question:

My husband and I never have great sex after our night out, usually we don’t have sex at all. What can I do throughout the date to keep the lust alive until we get home?

I hear this from couples all the time. You are finally getting the date night you have been longing for. A night you and your partner need to stay sane and in love. You plan to start with dinner and a movie, or whatever, then out for a few drinks to be social before heading home to finally have some great sex.

You head to your favorite restaurant and leave with a satisfied “food baby.” At the movies, you have some drinks from the bar and delicious buttery popcorn. Oh, and don’t forget the candy, which fulfills your “food baby” even more (my “food baby’s” name is Beef- for real), then head to the bar and top off your night with a few cocktails. You head home around midnight, trying to stay awake in the car, feel half drunk, and full of food…

But, you must go home and have that great sex.

You should be able to imagine, at this point, no one is feeling frisky and mostly likely will be falling asleep without the sex. Great night, but we need that sex.

So, how do we fix this? My very easy solution…


I feel like this is the only way to guarantee both great sex and an awesome date night.

Plus, having sex first means no sexual tension, or anticipation, or anxiety. Having sex first puts everyone in a great mood and leaves so much more room for food and fun. Beef likes this! There a many sex experts, such as Dan Savage, who will agree that sex first is the way date night should be done!

Now, I get it won’t be fun drunk sex, but you will have quality time that includes good sex, at least. Which is better than no sex at all, right?

So, next time date night rolls around, make your “food baby” and your relationship happy…

Have Sex First!

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