“Slutty” Mom Dresser

Readers Question:
My mother recently started dating again and we all encourage and support her to do so. However, she has recently started to dress very inappropriately. Everyone is shocked and embarrassed for her. How can we explain to her that it is in her best interest to dress more “her age?”

Relationships only work if there is honest and open communication. With mom, you need to do just that. Sounds like mom is having a hard time, so I would advise that this situation be handled with caution and care.

First Attempt

If mom has just started to date again, it could mean she is feeling insecure about her age, looks, identity, et cetera. So maybe take her to lunch or even a spa day to help her to feel better about herself. While you’re there, you can slip in a very “innocent” conversation. Get straight to the point and be nonchalant in your body language and tone. She’ll thank you in the long run.

For Example:

“Hey, I noticed your new wardrobe. I don’t think you need that to be attractive for a guy, you know? There are plenty of men that would die for you just the way you are!”
Give that chat some time to sink in and see if mom stops dressing like a hussy. If she “picked up what you were putting down,” great! If not…

Second Attempt – Serious Intervention Time!

So, mom either did not pick up on or did not care about your easy-going try at curbing her revealing wardrobe ways. This time lay it on thick and make sure she knows people that care for her feel it is best for her to change the way she presents herself to possible suitors.

For Example:

“Mom…lately the new clothes you’re wearing are not very appropriate for your age. I’m being honest with you because I love you and I want you to feel good about yourself, yet look respectable at the same time. If something is going on, I’m here to listen and help in any way.”

Hopefully, a blunt conversation will help your mom realize that her confidence and attractiveness don’t depend on showing skin.

Dating is hard at any age. I am not sure of your mom’s situation, but as you get older, it seems to get more complicated. Especially when you have been out of the scene for a while.

It’s hard to be lonely, but it’s even harder to find someone decent to share your life with. Please remember to be supportive and understanding.

At the same time, convince your mom to “dress her age!”

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