Younger Lady…Older Man. Is it Always About the “Gold?”

Reader’s Question:

A buddy of mine has been dating women that are much younger than him. He’s 55 and a good looking guy. He seems very happy, but I cannot help but wonder why a beautiful lady would date my friend who is 25-30 years older than her. Since you are in the industry, I thought you could explain and perhaps ease my suspicions that they are all just there for the money.

 HA. HA. HA. You are a great buddy for asking and I’m happy to give my opinion!

 I work with a lot of men that want to date younger women who are generally the total opposite of wife # 1. I also work with a lot of women who want to date much older men.

 Women want stability! It is easier to find a stable and committed man when he is older. This is a simple truth, to which most men would not deny.

 Older guys have more to offer, money included. It’s all about practicality. Older men have more experience, culture, patience, maturity, knowledge and overall peace of mind. Older guys are often ready to live a calmer life, away from parties and drama.

 Now, obviously not every young gal he dates is dating him for the right reasons. There are tons of couples who have gotten married as more of a business transaction. They like each other and they want to be together, but both know not everything adds up. He supports her and she is the best wife and partner that money can buy. They are mostly all okay with this, and happy about it, in fact. It is easy and everyone is content.

 Who are you/we to say this type of relationship is unacceptable if both adults are consenting, happy and content? It took me ten years to figure out that not all “love” relationships are the same. Many couples are happy with their own version of foundation and purpose.

 I originally thought everyone got together because they fell madly in love and could never be apart. Every marriage was a fairy tale in one way or another, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

 Relationships come in all types, sizes, and shapes, and it is not our place to judge.

 We are adults and we make our own choices. If we choose a relationship that is outside of the societal norm, then so be it. As long as we are healthy, happy, and content.

 Life is too short to have it any other way!

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