Guns at a Sleepover?

Reader’s Question:

My daughter has met a new friend. They have been playing together for a few months and are now really close. She asked to sleepover at her friend’s house on a Friday night. I know the father has guns from other friends in the area. With this information, I am concerned with allowing my daughter to stay in their home should things not be locked tight and away from the children. Is it okay to ask about these guns or is this none of my business?

 When it comes to your child, everything is your business. You can ask anything you want, always.

When it comes to guns in the home, I feel that it is irresponsible not to ask. Where are the guns kept? Are they locked up? Who keeps the key? Is there a permit in the home for the guns? When you drop your child off at their home can you see that the guns are in fact locked up and away from the children? Do their children know where the guns are kept? Are they allowed to access the guns, and if so with or without a parent?

Guns are not a toy. It is estimated that over 1500 children die each year from accidents with a firearm. Thirty-four percent of children in the United States live in homes with at least one firearm. In sixty-nine percent of homes with firearms and children, more than one firearm is present. In nine percent of homes with children and guns, at least one of the weapons is stored unlocked and loaded.

While we are at it, when it comes to sleepovers, I also always ask about: internet access, movie/games ratings allowed in the home, if anyone else will be at or visiting the house, who will be watching the children, et cetera.

Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid of the local gaggle of moms calling you a “helicopter parent” when it comes to gun safety.

I have sleepovers. Generally, kids run the show. I send them home dirty, sick from junk, completely, utterly, worthlessly exhausted…because they did not sleep, not even a wink. With very few exceptions, we skip sleepovers, or hypocritically only allow them at our home.

My kid-my rules. Judge me, I truly do not care.

I would not allow my son to hang out at a home that allows kids to use weapons at their leisure. There are too many irresponsible parents and immature kids. I would not feel safe and I am not, will nor I ever, be comfortable with my boys being around guns unless I am there with them…for damn good reason.

I am not completely against guns.

I think if you live in a rural area, and need a gun for protection, or you are an avid hunter providing for your family…great. Keep it safe and locked up. BUT, if you are just some person who has taken up a hobby revolving around guns and you go to gun shows because you think they are cool…I do not support you.

There is no need and it is not safe. Guns simply create an unnecessary risk most of the time.

Maybe you are safe, but others are not. Even the best kids can make a dumb choice. They just show their friend once and once it all it takes!

Guns should only be for FOOD and PROTECTION.

Ask as many questions as you want and need to make sure you are making the best decision for your child. It sounds as though you don’t know this family very well, but your kids are going to be best friends, so it’s time to get to know them and make sure they provide a safe place to play.

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