Relationship Question Speed Round: Eating, Dogs, and Divorce!

Reader Question: What is appropriate to eat on a first date?

 Seriously? Eat whatever you want. I know there are all these fictitious rules floating out there about what not to eat on a first date. Who writes that crap? The best thing to do on a date is BE YOURSELF. If you want a burger or a plate of pasta, do it. If your date doesn’t approve then maybe try a new date. If delicious food is important to you, as it is me, find yourself a fellow foodie to love!

 Reader Question: Who gets the dog after a breakup?

 Not much info here, but I am guessing the use of the word “breakup” means marriage and kids are not involved. So, did you buy the dog together? If you did not, then whoever brought the dog into the relationship takes the dog out of the relationship. If you did buy the dog together, then which one of you has REALLY been taking care of the dog? I.e. feeding, walking, de-pooping, vets, and play time. The dog rightfully goes to whoever can offer this dog a better dog’s life. Do right by the dog. Do not fight for the dog because you simply want to “win.” If one of you is more capable and willing then the dog should go to your home. Also, a pup usually gravitates towards a clear “master.” The established “master” would be the clear choice.

 Reader Question: Who should move out of the house after a divorce?

 This is a tough question with no background. If children are involved, my personal and professional opinion is that kids stay in the established home with whatever parent gets primary custody. If there are no kids involved and you both want the house, maybe sell the home. This way you can both buy something new to have a fresh start. Instead of fighting about the home in court, try to be kind to each other in this hard time. Do what is best for everyone involved.


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