Cheating with the Same Sex is Still Cheating!

Reader’s Question:

 I met this great gal. We have been on four dates and things have been going great. She is almost perfect. On our last date, she wanted to have a conversation about sexual intimacy before getting intimate. In this conversation, she explained to me that if we decided to have a committed relationship, she would be loyal to me, but she did wonder how I felt about brining women into our relationship. She went further to explain that she is bisexual and really enjoys being with women from time to time. She said even if I don’t want to be involved, she would still like to know that it is okay if she has these side flings. She explained to me that she does not feel that there is anything wrong with this because it is another woman and not a man. I would consider this cheating. I’m in my 50’s and she is in her 40’s. This seems irrational to me. Thoughts?

Yes, of course, that is cheating.

Sometimes, I hate society today, sometimes. What happened to any sort of tradition or respect for your partner?

Overall, everyone has the right to be happy and choose their path. If this isn’t something you are comfortable with, then you should just move on, now.

There are all different types of relationships, some will work for you and some won’t. This one sounds like it just doesn’t fit your lifestyle and that is understandable.

This gal may be great, but she seems a bit confused on what commitment means.

When the two of you are in a committed relationship there is no side fling, there is just the two of you. Having side flings would either be considered an open relationship or cheating, depending on a prior agreement being made or not. If she is having random partners- male or female- then there is no committed relationship.

The partner you are looking for is out there and she will have most of the reasonable qualities you desire.

Don’t settle for less.


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