Spring Fever Taketh and Giveth Back

The Spring season is undoubtedly pretty and full of life. Warmer weather, green grass, and blue skies lure us outside and into less clothing. Less clothing often excites the senses. Excited senses often make rash decisions…

Spring Fever is real and it causes break up after break up every year. If you get dumped as the snow and cold recede, try and use the following advise to get through with your dignity intact.

And always remember Seneca’s (and later Semisonic, of course) words,” Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Here are some handy tips to deal with your break-up:


Do both of you a favor and block the “dumper’s” number. So much goes wrong in a text message. There’s no feeling, just words. Things easily get out of hand.


No one wants to hear about your break up and it’s really immature to post personal matters like that online. Grow up and move forward.


Date, date, and date some more. Give yourself time to find the right partner instead of being desperate and attaching to the first person who is nice to you. Use this time to reflect on what could have been done differently. Think about what you bring to the “relationship table” and what you gained from this experience. Grow as an individual and as a partner. All relationships take work, even the one with yourself.

Most importantly, just because it wasn’t your choice to be single, the fact is you are… so you might as well feel that Spring Fever like your ex clearly does.

Have fun!

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