Why Doesn’t He Call You Back?

As I wait for a matchmaking appointment, I start browsing some different relationship articles on Google and I came across the seven most Googled dating questions. This specific one just caught my eye: Why is he not calling me back?

The answer that is given by the author, and I will keep that person anonymous, is just plain silly. Silly is the nicest way I care to describe it. The article basically goes on to explain that the reason men don’t return your call after a date is because men just aren’t very good communicators… I call BULLSHIT. You call BULLSHIT. We all call BULLSHIT!

I immediately wonder if anyone actually believes this. I decide there is no way anyone could.

I’ve been a matchmaker and relationship coach for a decade and I can tell you with certainty, the main reason you don’t get that call is because he’s just not that into you! Yes, the movie title is accurate.

I’m sorry. I know it’s disappointing and demoralizing when you think you connect with someone and you never hear from them again, but you’re only hurting because you allowed expectations to get ahead of the actual relationship. Don’t be desperate, it really does change the way men perceive you.

Now, stop wasting your time waiting for the phone to ring because he definitely isn’t.

There are endless possibilities as to why he’s not interested– cats, teeth, bad conversation, looks, finances, career choices, family history, religion, politics, food choices, location…you get the point- but who cares! You just met this person.

Don’t sit around waiting for anyone, you deserve better. You deserve to be a priority. If you need closure, send him a quick text similar to: “Hey, haven’t heard from you. Figure you’re not interested. Take care.” Keep it short, simple, and do not attack/beg/cry or ask questions.

Like a broken record, I’ll say it time and time again… relationships take effort and effort takes time. If he doesn’t call you back it means he doesn’t want anything from you… not a relationship, not a dinner date, not even sex. Guys will communicate for sex, I’m sure of it.

Don’t pout or sit around feeling sorry for yourself, put your “dating pants” on again and get back out there, NOW!

When you meet the person who is ideal for you, “he didn’t call me back” will never be an issue.

Good luck!


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