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It’s always so hard to write about yourself. What do people care to hear?

Well, I’m a mother of two boys and an awesome wife. I have an MBA from the University of Maryland.

I’ve been a Matchmaker and Relationship Coach for over a decade, and I love to write and cook. I love playing golf (actual and video game), eating sugar, reading lots of books, playing board games, and most importantly, spending time with my family.

I also love helping you! My job is about giving back. I give people their healthy and happy relationships back. I want to help anyone who wants help, anyone willing to at least try, anyone who needs it… because relationships are hard. Whether you are mother and daughter, husband and wife, or even a single looking for love in all the right places, I’m here help you find that missing piece and complete your “puzzle.”

For the past ten years I have worked with some of the nation’s most elite matchmaking agencies and coaching affiliates. Over time, I began to realize I wanted to do more, help more and make a bigger difference. So, I opened my own matchmaking communities, wrote (with more coming out this year) self-help workbooks, and greatly increased my availability for relationship coaching sessions.

Ultimately, I have decided to play by my own rules, life’s too short to do it any other way.

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