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Ask me questions on this site.

I use this website to interact with anyone and everyone that needs my help and is ready to be open-minded about how to solve their relationship woes. Please, do not be shy. Open yourself up and seek change…because you are here for a reason.

Schedule private coaching sessions via phone or video conferencing.

If you are more comfortable in a private setting, then just send me a message to book a private coaching session.

*Online group sessions coming soon

Purchase your copy of The Matchmaker’s Perspective and COMPLETE the workbook. Feel free to mail it to me if you’d like feedback.

The Matchmaker’s Perspective: Find the Love You Deserve! is a complete workbook for helping single adults find a successful long-term relationship. This book will put you to work. You will work on yourself and you will work on what you want/deserve from others.

If you use this book to its full extent, the gift of higher perspective will brighten your path along your journey to finding the love you deserve!

Purchase on Amazon Here

Join one of our fabulous matchmaking communities. is a selective-online, dating and matchmaking community. The Heart Market is also the nation’s only online dating and matchmaking service to be founded and operated by a matchmaking expert, me! The community’s mission is to help single individuals find a rewarding relationship through specialized, executive-level services. is available to single individuals in search of a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship. This executive-level service caters to singles that require a highly-personalized search.

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